The Demand Generation Playbook - Become a Revenue-First Marketer

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I created this playbook for you to elevate your marketing game and make a bigger impact on your company’s revenue. The playbook will provide you with an in-depth knowledge of the demand generation strategy and how you can implement it to create new demand. In a market where 97% of your potential customers are not actively buying, this powerful strategy is your best way for driving growth. 

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Don’t just take my word for it

Check out what marketing executives have to say about demand generation:

“The goals of demand gen should focus on the entire buyer journey not just top of funnel. Focus on driving high quality demand that generates pipeline and revenue. An MQL will get you a handshake, revenue will get you a seat at the table.”

- Kyle Lacy, SVP of Marketing @ Seismic

“Demand can either be created or harvested. The clearer you are about the objective, the better your messaging, the faster your path to revenue.”

- Sangram Vajre, Chief Evangelist and Co-Founder @ Terminus

“Lead gen without brand is strip-mining. You always need to invest in demand and brand in parallel, or else you'll constrain your audience and drive up your own costs.”

- Joe Chernov, CMO @ Pendo

“Demand gen should initially focus on supporting an aggressive outbound strategy. Help your SDRs and Salespeople have warm conversation with context vs. cold calls ("I noticed you attended our webinar yesterday and then downloaded the slide deck. Did you find that helpful?"). At the same time, start working on the long-term inbound strategy that will eventually bring in prospects when they are ready by staying top-of-mind with easily-consumable thought leadership content, events, and brand-awareness campaigns.”

- Udi Ledergor, CMO @ Gong

“Demand gen is only as good as your knowledge of the persona you are targeting and what they value and need. 
To drive pipeline and revenue you must deliver the right message through the right prioritization, channel and fast iteration with a mix of programs, field, digital and web, enhanced and accelerated by technology constrained only by budget and imagination.”

- Meagen Eisenberg, CMO @ TripActions

“Lead quality is the North Star metric for an effective demand gen strategy”

- Gaetano Nino DiNardi, VP of Growth @ Aura

"Most people think demand generation is about capturing existing demand. Legends design their own categories and create their own demand"

 - Christopher Lochhead 9X #1 Bestselling author, co-creator of Category Pirates & Play Bigger

Course Preview

This playbook will answer all your burning questions about Demand Generation throughout your learning experience and cover the following topics:

Module 1: What Demand Generation is All About
Module 2: Why Demand Generation is not Optional
Module 3: How Demand Generation Differs from Lead Generation
Module 4: Starting with your Company Narrative and Customers
Module 5: A Three-Step Framework to Nail Demand Generation
Module 6: Content that Drives Demand Generation
Module 7: Demand Generation Tactics to Inspire You
Module 8: Tech Stack to Get Started with Demand Generation
Module 9: Measuring and Optimizing Demand Generation
Module 10: Getting Executives’ Buy-in

→ Each module includes text, audio, and short whiteboard animation video versions, so you can learn the way you like.

About Me

Hi! I'm Alon. I've had the privilege of leading B2B SaaS marketing teams for more than a decade, being involved in two exits, and founding two companies. I’m passionate about building something from nothing and getting the right people to pay attention. I spend most of my time writing content on LinkedIn and Twitter, serving as a strategic advisor, and being a husband and father to a baby girl and three cats.

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The Demand Generation Playbook - Become a Revenue-First Marketer

7 ratings
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